Create safe and effective toxin-free skin care for yourself or your customers and feel confident and excited as you go.

Formulation Courses

These courses are designed to make you an expert at formulating a specific kind of product. What kind of expert would you like to become?

Toxin-Free Face and Body Oil Formulation Course

Learn to create body oil, facial oil, bath and shower oil, and cleansing oil products.

Toxin-Free Butters and Balms Formulation Course

Learn to create body butters, balms, salves, and cleansing balms.

Toxin-Free Lotions and Creams Formulation Course

 Learn to create emulsion products like lotions and creams.

Toxin-Free Scrubs and Polishes Formulation Course

Learn to create all sorts of scrubs and polishes.

Toxin-Free Toners and Gels Formulation Course

  Learn to create toner, mist, and gel products.

Core Courses

These thorough, detail-oriented courses are designed to transform you into a successful skincare seller with a rich understanding of how your products and business work.

Advanced Certificate in Skincare Ingredient Theory

  Know the “why” and “how” behind an array of toxin-free skincare ingredients so you can confidently create products that work the way you want them to.

Advanced Certificate in Skincare Product Development

Master the process of designing skincare products that meet your customer’s needs and make your business stand out.

Advanced Certificate in Skincare Business Skills

Become a business-savvy formulator who has clarity on skincare marketing, regulations, packaging, labeling, and more.

Want to Teach One of These Upcoming Courses?

Do you have experience in formulating toxin-free products and want to share your knowledge? Learn how you can teach at the Natural Creator School!