The Formulation Guide Made for You

It’s hard to learn something you don’t enjoy.  (That’s just how the brain works.) And while formulating requires diligence and hard work, it doesn’t mean turning off the fun. Here at the Natural Creator School, we believe that your learning disposition is equally important with the information you take in. Get detailed, dependable and engaging information backed by Simply Earth – a leader in the essential oils industry.

Passion…. Meet Emelia

When choosing a coach, you must find someone whose values and beliefs resonate with you. 
More than the certificates, it’s the care.  More than the hype, it’s the heart. 

Emelia’s commitment and dedication in quest to formulate natural and toxin-free solutions first for herself evolved to something bigger. You know her heart was there from the very start. Her emotional experience with perioral dermatitis and cystic acne and personal quest to find and formulate natural solutions makes her fit perfectly as your guide. She can absolutely understand how it feels to be there. And she totally knows what best to give. 

Having spent years of study in aromatherapy (she’s an NAHA certified aromatherapist), she has gained correct knowledge about all things natural and toxin-free solutions. She’s super stoked to pass this knowledge on to you. 

Imagine someone who can totally identify with your struggles…Someone who can relate with the pains of your would-be customers. Emelia is the kind who sits down with you and listens to your troubles. She’s not just an academic, by-the-book coach. She has a story to tell that you can understand. 

….Meets Experience

Simply Earth

When it comes to value giving, this company will always be on top. Just like Emelia, they understand your pains of confusion, overwhelm, and frustration. Simply Earth is a leader in the essential oil industry and they are dedicated to providing the purest essential oils. Cutting the MLM to give the honest prices in the market was a move that disrupted the traditional marketing strategy. They have engineered a way to teach people about essential oils with confidence and clarity through recipes you know will work. The 4000 and counting five star reviews of raving fans make it undeniably the best partner for the Natural Creator School.

Our Core Values


This is definitely the place where you can freely express your ‘natural creator’ self without feeling terrified. Just ask away, explore, and excel.

Essential Oil Based

Experience the special impact of essential oils in the product formulation world with formulations developed and reviewed by certified aromatherapists from Simply Earth. 

Easy to Understand

Absolutely no frills. Just a clear natural formulating foundation is what we’ve established.  And that is what you’ll get from start to end.


People retain more learning information when they are having fun. Here, you don’t just work hard, we make sure you have fun… so you really learn. Formulating takes work, effort, and diligence, but it’s also something you should enjoy!


We’re also focused on accuracy. Formulating is about making safe and effective products, and we strive to offer reliable information that strengthens and refines your knowledge and skills.

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The Toxin-Free Face and Body Oil

Formulation Course


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The Toxin-Free Face and Body Oil Formulation Course: The power-packed course that teached you to formulate safe and effective face and body oil products with confidence and excitement.